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Colored Pencil PLAY DATE
a variety of techniques, creative projects, a weekly discovery, inspiration galore - come play!

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A Virtual Colored Pencil Convention! 

Come and experience the adventure of Colored Pencil Play Date where we will create using colored pencils and watercolor pencils with some mixed media embellishments such as ink and pan pastels along the way. Varied surfaces will give you the opportunity to do more than just mat and frame these beautiful pieces of artwork. There is a cigar box, book cover, tin trays, a wooden basket lid and even a mousepad to create on plus so much more. There will be 17 different projects awaiting your creativity. Using the skills you will learn in each video lesson, with the artists sharing their creative process directly with you, you will be given the steps to create incredible finished pieces of art.

Incredible Teachers!
Here is the amazing list for our second Colored Pencil Play Date, you won't believe it!

Sharon Carlson, Jeanne Downing, Bonnie Frederico, Chris Haughey, Anne Hunter, Erika Joanne, Angela Kennedy, Pat Lentine, Amy Mogish, Cindy Ohama, Tina Price White, Theresa Prokop, Golda Rader, Lydia Steeves, Kathy Swigon and myself. Get to know them on the "Teachers" tab, they are incredible women!

What are the Colored Pencil Projects?

The "project gallery" tab (next to the HOME tab at the top) is where you can find photos of the colored pencil projects being offered with this e-course. You won't believe the incredible lessons we get to experience in this year's Colored Pencil Play Date! A sunny seagull. A zentangled hummingbird. A Santa foursome. A fall harvest for the squirrels. And so much more...

Join us for 17 weeks of Artful Play, March-June!

For 17 weeks you will be able to explore a variety of techniques and styles. Get inspired by these leading designers. And have the pleasure of this experience in the privacy of your home. Where else can you discover the art of 16 teachers all at once, at any time you like?

How does it work? 

Every Monday, March 7-June 27, for 17 weeks you will receive an email letting you know about the teacher and the lesson prompt. You can watch the pre-recorded videos (a technique and the project from each teacher) then download the coordinating PDF at your leisure. It's that simple.You will have class access for an additional 5 months once the last class is released until December 1, 2016.

How did Colored Pencil Play Date come about?

I, Kelly Hoernig, created Art Play Date in 2014 and was asked repeatedly "why isn't this just colored pencil, I really want to concentrate on just one medium." So, with the success of Art Play Date, I set out to invite colored pencil artists to participate in an online class. Imagine my surprise when they said "yes!" It has been a dream of mine to put together such an amazing group of artists who share the love of creating and inspiring others every day. It is my pleasure to present the first Colored Play Date online e-course, enjoy the adventure!


If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected].

Thank you, Kelly Hoernig